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Last updated 28/01/18


I have two demonstrations to show you - both are based on demonstarions I have recently given to the Lacock Art Group in Wiltshire. The first covers an area which often frightens the budding artist - Putting People into Your Paintings. The second covers an introduction into an area of art that I really enjoy but don't always succeed at - Portrait Painting. In this case, I have called the demonstration "Quick & Dirty Portraits" because I had to get, what is a very big subject into just two hours whilst at the same time, getting those who attended to do their own portraits too.
I hope that you enjoy them and that they inspire you to capture people in your paintings and light in your portraits.

Click on the pictures below to go to each demonstration.
Putting People into Your Paintings
Paul Fisher
Quick & Dirty Portraits
Paul Fisher
Putting People into your Portraits Quick and Dirty Portraits 01
Below are photos taken by Brian Sherwin of my latest demo to the Lacock Art Group. The demo centred around the dangers of working from photos - choosing your focal point, making sure that you get a 3D effect in your paintings, combining photos to get a better arrangement and the introduction of 2 new colours to my palette - Gold Ochre and Juane Brillant No. 1. The subject was the Gothic Pont-Vieux bridge across the Sorgues river in southern France.
Demo 01
Demo05 Demo04
Above the main photo we worked from. Above the demo painting.
I have also done demonstrations at lacock and other local art clubs based on themes such as 'Tone', 'Colour mixing, Pen and Wash'. Below are photos taken at Lacock of a quick 'loosen up' demo I did usng Bob's Blobs and painting without drawing.
Demo06 Demo07
Currently (2018), I am Chairman of the Lacock Art Group - you can see more about what the art group does, with gallery pages and photos of our other demos and the 4 or so exhibitions we hold each year at www.lacockartgroup.co.uk  
Note - all images are Copyright.