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Last updated 09/04/18

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Chloe01  Dorothy & Clarissa Maud & Mary  Hiya! 
Chloe01 Dorothy & Clarissa Maud & Mary Hiya!
I thought it was going to rain  It's raining again  Looks like rain  New hair do Mabel? 
I thought it was going to rain! It's raining again! Looks like rain New hair-do Mabel!?
Now don't get in a strop!  Puffin Conference  Toot & Ploot  The Pooch 
Now don't get in a strop! Puffin Conference Toot & Ploot The Pooch
Sal and Sue ride again  Maureen & Mildred  Flamingos 01 Flamingos 02
Sal & Sue ride again! Maureen & Midred Now ladies do keep up! Suzy and Sapphire


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