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Last updated 28/01/18

 The first part of a possible trilogy has been published -  "A Slight Mist on the Horizon" is based on my first couple of years on the water, learning to sail and to survive in the boating world. It was the 60's and the world was full of change with new music, new philosophies and the promise of free sex (whatever that was!).

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 This first novel, which is semi-autobiographical, is a romp through two years of waterborne adolescent experiences for two school mates in the late 60’s - myself and my boating buddy Bob embark on a ricochet journey up and down the river Thames in a succession of rotting, crumbling and grossly unsafe tubs, in an attempt to learn the ‘art’ of boating. These two adolescent mariners have one big ambition in mind – to sail the Atlantic Ocean and find palm fringed beaches, hopefully decorated palms and a few dusky maidens!

 In between adventures ashore, they use, explore and work on craft in most states of decrepitude and at the same time meet a series of riverside characters who, apart from adding to their knowledge of all things nautical, add to their knowledge of the world – often in a very dubious manner! Their acquisition of knowledge in the sex and girls department is at best haphazard and at worst, totally confusing, leading to some hilarious but also hazardous adventures with those engaged in what comes naturally!

The story starts with the two lads sitting in a boat on the Thames reading through a library book on how to sail whilst their boat does it’s best to deposit them into the river and ends 14 chapters later with them a little more wiser, boat-wise, a bit battered, after close contact with Clarissa and Manky and with a new friend - Cherry, with a promise of more mis-adventures to come! - perhaps in the next book.


You can click on one of the images below to get more information about A Slight Mist on the Horizon or to sample some of it's sequal - or go to the bottom of page and order the first book directly.
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A Slight Mist on the Horizon can be purchased in 3 formats:- 
As a CD in down-loadable Word.doc and pdf format with interactive Contents pages - cost £4 - click on the image below to purchase directly from paulfisherart   As a Kindle book for e-readers - click on the image below to go direct to Amazon Kindle As a paperback - click on the image below to go direct to Amazon  
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Please note postage will be added to the cost of the CD - £2 (UK), £4 (EU), £5 (Elsewhere)    
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