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Last updated 24/05/15

Whitby Abbey Newstead Abbey

Whitby Abbey

Newstead Abbey
Cavendish Corsham Alms House
Cavendish - an exercise in pen and wash Corsham Alms House
Cottage M. Hodge
A beautiful cottage on an estate I have been
too a couple of times
Margaret Hodge MP - the left one is ok
Dunoon Katie and Mike
Hotel at the head of Dunoon pier Katie and Mike fishing on the Holy Loch
Strone Inn Ferry
Strone Inn by the Holy Loch - done whilst under midge attack! Ferry Sound of Shuna at Dunoon - had to paint
it very quickly as she was about to leave!
Megan and Chloe Queens head Box
A quick Megan and Chloe who sat so
well for us at Lacock Art Group
The Queen's Head, Box
Eileen Donan castle Bath Abbey
Eilean Donan Castle Bath Abbey
St. Barts Corsham Bath Abbey
St. Bart's, Corsham Bath Abbey again - pen and wash
and now The ass end
from a very attractive lady to.............. .........a happy cow!


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